T-Shirt Fundraiser: “We are all on the ride together!”

We are taking orders for our T-shirt Sales!

100% of profits is for the families of children with long-term illnesses at Shands Hospital for Children At University of Florida (for more info see below the t-shirt proof).

Royal Blue or Kelly Green with white lettering.

Many thanks to my nephew Josh Vogt for his wonderful artwork on the front!  The roller coaster represents cancer treatment and treatment for the other patients in the Pediatric Immunocompromised Unit.   Some days are good and some days are not so good – like a roller coaster – up and down!  As families we feel that way too, especially with our emotions.

For Pre Orders please send an e-mail with Size and Color to Elizabeth88Rhodes@gmail.com so that we can determine how many shirts to order (and what size and colors). See Proof at the bottom of this page.  Children’s Miracle Network logo will be on the back of the T-shirt.

Many families travel from near and far to Shands Hospital for Children at University of Florida for their children.  We traveled from Ft Lauderdale; 5 hours away for our daughter to receive the specialized and excellent treatment in the Pediatric Immunocompromised Unit.  Her specialized treatment included over 8 months of chemotherapy, radiation, and stem-cell transplantation.  Children that are treated here are usually long-term patients, spending months at a time in the hospital. Families here will need housing, transportation, and food expenses.  We are selling these t-shirts to recognize and honor children with these long term serious diseases.   100% of the Profits from the shirts will benefit Children’s Miracle Network at Shands Hospital for Children at University of Florida, which provides funding for Guest Services including meal and parking vouchers for patient families.   Thank you for your Support!


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